Elegy to the jolliest uncle, who Lived

Elegy to the jolliest uncle, who Lived

-Avleen Kaur Lamba

This elegy is a medium to send love from me to thee
It may seem nothing at all, but futile,
Since people think you’re gone
But to me you’re still present in the early morning dew
In the wind that swirls my curls
In the rich who save love not money,
In the poor who long for God’s hand not land,
And most importantly you’re present in the words of the Lord
Which guide us to live and love, forgive and forget.
The moments I spent with thee, the blessings, smiles you gave free.
When uncles and aunts ate gossips and kids had plenty of cake,
We both in a corner, would talk in and out of little things
like getting an icecream at the lake.
Suddenly I go blank of thy memories with me,
Knowing they’ll suddenly return resulting ink blots on my books.
Feeling hurt when someone utters you lived enough or your suffering ended,
But your teachings of letting the world be, and that all’s god’s will makes me strong.
An 83 year old with the energy of multiple kids combined,
You’re the star that’ll glow in our hearts and throughout eras shine!


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