Rain, Poetry, Coffee and Interstellar Music

Rain, Poetry, Coffee and Interstellar Music

The coffee’s aroma juxtaposed with the petrichor,Featured image
They say it’s a chemical reaction,
the petrichor, sand turning to mud with rainwater
I believe it’s the union of earth and sky,
Awakening emotions, bringing a sigh.

The interstellar soundtrack adding the unbeatable charm,
Something supernatural, something divine,
A sip of that lactose drink and a word of ink,
Everything seemed just fine.

All my sobs turned to glee,
All my fears I could no longer see.
When the curtains flew away from the panes,
The muscular wind broke all reins,
I could trap myself into that moment forever,
To drench myself in a rain dance of eternity,
Favour my lips with my own hemlock,
And listen to the melody of the galaxy.


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