kenin The Xerox machine detected who had pressed the go button,                                                                     For there was another weight on the machine, the blueberry juice with a straw.                                 Bzuzer it was! A new intern came along, with something that smelled like wine.                               No, they weren’t friends, acquaintances, but both seemed sweet and fine.                                             The girl blabbered on what a big fan was she,         While Bzuzer, smiled and didn’t give a damn.                                                     He gazed at the intern’s eyes, then her lips.                                                   Couldn’t even get behind and manage to glance at her swaying hips.     While she talked as if she danced, Bzuzer poured himself coffee and went away.                                                                                                                    The lady saw the blueberry juice and the note below it, which read “7?”


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