Travel- An Illusion

Travel- An Illusion

-Avleen Kaur Lamba


What if I tell you train is an illusion?

All these funny pieces of transport of yours.

Running on wheels- hundred, four, three or two.

Or that huge looking product of attached wings or the one with motors or a pair of oars?

All, an illusion.

Engineers build these out of pure narcissism,

dozens of a million population earn to travel, to reach a place they’ve heard of.

While artists laugh inside. They’re the only ones who know the secret behind this law bound game.

Let me spill the secret today, for I can’t hold any more the hidden beauty and power of us mortals.

So while some build and some charge you for this journey,

You should know it’s all in your mind.

Those machines don’t need electricity or energy to run. They need you.

For it’s you who travels. Roams around.

It’s your cornea which looks at all those sand dunes. Those huge mountains which look tiny, not even deceiving your perception.

It’s you.

It’s the power vested in us to travel through long neurons.

So for those waiting for teleporting to be discovered,

You know where to look…


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