Letter to my 10 year old self

Letter to my 12 year old self

-Avleen Kaur Lamba

Amma always made you believe you were invincible

After living in 2 countries, 4 cities and 6 schools

You’ve begun to feel that home is a feeling that goes away

As soon as you begin to feel comfortable


In foreign land, where you were not judged for your accent

Where American kids came to your birthday

You were suddenly being stared at

People started questioning your father’s turban

And with a seven month old baby in your mother’s tummy

You all returned back home three weeks after September 11


Back home you were hailed for your new accent

You don’t recognize your country

Your language

Your people- still colonized.


And now you’re 12

You come back to your very roots

The place you were born in

Not a metro city (McDonalds opened a few days ago here)

Nobody likes to sit with you

Nobody picks you in any sports team

They say you’re too fat, too different, too weird

You make a friend, you don’t know what a bully means

The sun sets with you writing apology letters

And folding your hands in sorries for not being able to keep the bully happy

Life doesn’t make sense to you

Existentialism hit you quite early in life


But this letter is from a prophet from 2017

And you’re not meant to know how life goes on for you

But here’s a heads up.

  1. You’ll never let one part of yourself be accommodated into conformity, your LOUD laugh!
  2. You’ll befriend two boys. One who stammers, and one who’s gay. The three of you together will create comic books and stories and one day, will save the world.
  3. You’ll always be the librarian’s favorite kid.
  4. The security guard uncle will be your only constant friend.
  5. You’ll meet this handsome boy who will tell you to be yourself. And you’ll be so unapologetically you that the strongest of winds wouldn’t be able to shake your identity.
  6. You’ll befriend the entire school and while some ask you to have less friends, you’ll be busy hugging out the misery from everyone you see.
  7. You’ll choose one subject, score in another and finally fall for another.
  8. You’ll make yourself a home wherever you go, one made out of ideas and orchids.
  9. You’ll become a poet.                                                                                                                       And writing this letter to yourself,                                                                                             You’ll be invincible, again.




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