Tinging a Tear

Have you ever tried to mix the ink of your pen


into the tear fallen fresh

on your book?

Tinging a tear,

how surreal it sounds,

but try it comrade,

and you will love to see what happens.

How you can modify a bio-chemical reaction

of someone’s action outside your body

How the transparent salty product of your eyes

turns into teal, fuchsia or pitch black

How I wish I could colorize

my thoughts|actions|feelings in the same way

How if I could find a pen,

Whose ink could possess the power to affect me and

transform the work of a mortal.


Noon Rush

Noon Rush
A weekday it was I’m sure,
Crossing the road, right in the middle I stood,
Couldn’t traverse the streets, the road was full.
After a score of minutes from noon the time stopped,
I couldn’t move an inch from that white painted equator.
Wondering what all these people were upto.
Cycles, rickshaws, bikes and cars, what work did they peform that time.
Toddlers coming back from preschool in buses,
A man taking his sick wife to the doctor,
Ladies car pooling for a kitty coffee.
A young fellow following a maid,
Some tax officers in a jeep planning a raid.
Soon, noon rush didn’t quite appeal to me.
But I found a kid who held my hand,
Planted a kiss on my confused cheek,
Said tomorrow at the same time he would meet.
Taught me life could surprise anytime.
Little packets of hope and glimmer shining through the scorching heat.

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

-Avleen Kaur Lamba

Amidst the sadness, the dull crowd,

Some people with lit faces spread happiness around.

When people feel they are the only ones,

Who suffer from tiny problems but they seem present in tonnes.

We’ll say to them come on look beyond,

Talk to people, share, love, create a bond!

Until you believe it, it’s never the end,

Dont jump off the cliff, but surely bend.

Bend and see the deep blue sea,

And then look behind the world saying “Come explore me!”

Look closely at the happy people, not from far,

They hide it well, but have a deep scar.

All that makes them different is their strong hope,

They know it’s a small hard phase and they can cope.

The message to the world is everything’s gonna be fine,

Stand up high, strengthen the hope, Rise and Shine!